London couple Peter and Andrea had their world fall apart when both were made redundant at the same time. Kwik Sale came to their aid by giving them the best cash price for their house.

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Jane had divorced from her husband Ryan afer 10 years and wanted to move from her 4 bedroom house in Liverpool as it was too big for one person. It had been on the market for a while but had attracted no interest.

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Chain Property

The Wilsons' 3 bedroom Liverpool house was becoming cramped. "It was great when Bob and first got married" recalls Beryl. "But now with kids, there just wasn't room".

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Rent Back Option

We can buy your property for the best cash price and then let you rent it back. This is the best way to get extra cash, while still enjoying your home.

Family Renting Back Their Home

Here at Kwik Sale, we understand the comfort and security your home provides. Hence, our rent back option is the perfect way to solve your financial problems while still staying in the home you love.

You can use the cash from the sale of your property to solve your debt problems, pay of loans, cope with redundancy or avoid repossession. It's the perfect way to make a fresh new start, while still maintaining the familiarity and security that you and your family deserve!